4 Simple Steps to Bed Bug Eradication

Do you have a bed bug problem?  Are you asking yourself, “how do I get rid of these bugs without spending a fortune?”  Well look no further, Bed Bugs Be Gone has the bed bug solution for you!

Bed Bugs Be Gone makes killing bed bugs easy with just 4 simple steps.

Step 1:  Confirm That You Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are flat, wingless insects that are approximately 0.2 inches when fully grown.  The eggs and the young nymphs are nearly transparent and can be very difficult to spot.  As the bugs grow their outer shell hardens and darkens, which gives them the appearance that you might be used to seeing.  After feeding on the blood of their unsuspecting victims (your family or guests) the bugs body will swell and become a dark red color.  Another way to detect bed bugs is by their droppings and blood smears on furniture, flooring and walls.  These droppings and blood spots are commonly described as looking like ink dots.  Bed bugs can be found under or inside the lining of the mattress, around the edge of the bed frame or box spring, hidden in linens, and inside other bedroom furniture.  They can also be found in cracks and crevices in the walls, floors, ceilings or hiding behind wall decorations.


Step 2: Choose a Treatment Method

There are 2 main options when it comes to bed bug remediation; traditional chemical treatments and professional bed bug heat treatments.  Here at BedBugzBeGone we offer heat treatments for a variety of reasons.  The main reasons include the speed in which heat kills bed bugs, the number of treatments necessary (heat treatments can solve your problem in just 1 treatment), and the lower cost when compared to paying for multiple chemical treatments needed to solve the same bed bug problem.  Why would anyone spend thousands on chemical treatments when they could hire BedBugzBeGone to easily, and quickly, kill bed bugs with heat? Keep your business on track and on budget by solving all your bed bug pest problems BedBugzBe Gone.


Step 3:  Schedule Your Treatment

Call our office at 208-549-9727 and schedule your treatment today!


Step 4:  We’ll Perform Your Heat Treatment and You’ll Be Bed Bug Free in no time!

Your Bed Bugs Be Gone technician will arrive at your location at your scheduled time.  Set up and prep is minimal and simple.  Once the heaters are set up, we close the room and let the equipment do all the work.  Your technician will monitor the temperature periodically throughout the treatment period. When the treatment time is complete, we will remove the heaters and go over some minimal follow-up steps that will be required.  The treatment areas can remain closed to extend the treatment time. Once the area is cooled you can re-enter and begin any clean-up that may be required.

That’s it!  With Bed Bugs Be Gone the bed bug elimination process is simple and painless!  Our heat treatments have been proven to kill bed bugs with just one application!  Call 208-549-9727 for more information today!!

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