Heat vs. Bed Bugs

Heat Treatments WORK!

Heat treatments are the most effective way to kill bed bugs!

  • Heat kills all life stages of bed bugs; adults, nymphs, and eggs.
  • All treatments are non-chemical.
  • This non-toxic approach penetrates walls, mattresses, furniture and other hard to reach areas.
  • Our heaters don't leave behind any odors.
  • Most infestations can be treated in just 24 hours.
  • All of the equipment provided in our rental packages is the same equipments the professionals use.

Our rental packages offer you an environmentally friendly, non-toxic treatment option that can be applied to specific rooms or the entire structure.  Our equipment works by generating clean, dry, heated air within the infected area and slowly raising the temperature to levels that will kill bed bugs in a matter of minutes.

We recommend all treatments hold temperatures of 115-143ºF for several hours to ensure all of the bugs have perished.  If you’re looking for a product that kills bed bugs, without exposing your family to dangerous chemicals, plus not breaking the bank, then you should consider renting our systems today!

Why You Should Be Renting Your Heaters

Why would anyone spend thousands on exterminators when they could easily kill bed bugs themself? Keep your business on track and on budget by solving all your pest problems with bed bug heater rentals. We offer professional quality heaters, fast service, and all the information you need to perform professional quality heat treatments on your schedule.

  • Don’t wait for exterminators to have an opening in their busy schedule.
  • Save money by only paying for the equipment and time duration that you need.
  • Save time with quick and easy set up and tear down.
  • Keep your business operational with discreet equipment.
  • Only treat the areas that need treatments, without disturbing the rest of the structure.
  • Easy prep and treatment instructions!

All About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that survive solely on the blood of their sleeping victims.  Bed bugs start as tiny, almost microscopic translucent eggs.  Once hatched the nymphs are yellow-white in color.  As they grow, molt (shed their skin, similar to snakes), and get larger, they will change to a darker brown color.  Adult bed bugs can grow up to ¼ inch long, but after feeding the insects body will swell and turn a dark red color.

The First Sign of Bed Bugs - The first sign that you have a bed bug problem is usually unexplained bites or welts on your skin.  Bed bugs bites feel similar to mosquito bites and will often itch.  In rare cases people may develop large raised welts.  Bites often will appear on the victims face, hands, back arms and legs.

Where to Find Bed Bugs - Bed bugs can be found anywhere in the home, not just the bed/bedroom.  They like dark, warm, and upholstered furniture best, but are also commonly found inside walls and under floorboards.  Bed bugs often spread to other parts of the bed room, especially as the population of bugs grows.  Any part of the room or home is susceptible to bed bugs.

Are you are ready to wake up from your bed bug nightmare?

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